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A Collaborative Exhibit between Galería Gitana and the San Fernando Valley Arts Cultural Center

A Collaborative Exhibit

Victoria Pellouchoud | January 13, 2019


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I will be exhibiting several new smaller works in gouache at two local galleries, Galeria Gitana and the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center.

The subject matter is near and dear to my heart as it’s where I call home. For the last 2 years I’ve been creating very quick small gouache works all around the San Fernando Valley. It’s become really a part of who I am, the paints are always ready to go and I’m always looking for my next subject. These are fast loose explorations of color, time of day, interesting shadows, or intriguing locations.

I’m so happy to be part of this exhibit as I feel it is so important to be in touch with those settings that you see every day and find the beauty in them.

Please join me and several other very talented local artists as we give you our eyes for the night and show you how we see our home. I am exhibiting five small works in gouache and oil at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center and one at Galeria Gitana. Please refer to the flyer for show information! It’s sure to be exciting and intimate and I hope to see you there.

Victoria Pellouchoud

Artist and Illustrator

I am drawn to the light of the natural world. I love to get out there where I can meet my subject face to face in its native hues. My aim is to recapture that feeling of connectedness with all living things through the act of painting.

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